Welcome to Arcwise AI early access! 🎉

First, install our Chrome extension if you didn't already!

To make sure it's working, you can try Arcwise AI on some text first. Just select the text in the box below and hit the keyboard shortcut ( + Shift + 1 on Mac, Ctrl + Shift + 1 on Windows)

Try asking it to "finish writing a 5 star chrome store review" 😉 Arcwise AI works in Google Docs or any other text editor!

Try it in Sheets

To try Arcwise AI in Google Sheets, just click the button below to make a personal copy of our tutorial spreadsheet.

Pass the validation check to continue

What's next?

Arcwise AI is totally free to use during the early access period (up to a generous limit). Also, we never store your data — only the prompts that you use.

All we need is your feedback 🤩 Join us on Slack below, or leave feedback via the in-app "Feedback?" link (at the bottom right of the command palette).

We're also hard at work on the Arcwise core product for enterprises - join the waitlist here.

Like the product?

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